Paul Seabright

Paul Seabright

IDEI Researcher
TSE Research Faculty
IAST Director
IAST Program Director


Tel    +33 (0)5 61 12 86 17
Office    ME 507.3

full cv and publications

Research interests

Microeconomic theory
Theory of organisation
Industrial and competition policy
Development economics
Transition economics

Work experience

Current position

2012Director of the IAST (Institute for Advanced Study inToulouse)
2000Professor of Economics, Université Toulouse I
2000Managing Editor, Economic Policy
1989Research Fellow at CEPR

Former positions

19992001Reader in Economics, University of Cambridge
1998Professor Assistant, École Polytechnique, Paris
19881999Assistant Director of Research, University of Cambridge
19801994Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford


1988D.Phil. (Economics), University of Oxford
1982M.Phil. (Economics), University of Oxford

Grants and awards

2013-114th FUE-Diversity Prize
2009Fellow of the European Economic Association Council

Publications on IAST Themes

Article in a refereed journal
"Religion and Entrepreneurship: A Match Made in Heaven?", Archives de sciences sociales des religions, vol. 175, p. 201-219.
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(with Samuele Centorrino, Elodie Djemaï, Astrid Hopfensitz and Manfred Milinski)
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(with Samuele Centorrino, Elodie Djemaï, Astrid Hopfensitz and Manfred Milinski)
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(with Pierre Dubois, Olivier de Mouzon and Fiona Scott Morton)
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(with Mark Glick, Greg Richards and Margarita Sapozhnikov)
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(with Samuele Centorrino, Elodie Djemaï, Astrid Hopfensitz and Manfred Milinski)
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Sexonomics, Editions Alma. ISBN:978-2-36279-042-3.
The Company of Strangers: A Natural History of Economic Life (2nd edition), Princeton University Press. ISBN:978-1-4008-3478-5.
Contribution to a book
"The Hidden Costs of Political Sponsorship of Industrial Firms", in Industrial Policy for National Champions, Oliver Falck, Christian Gollier and Ludger Woessmann (eds.), 2011. doi:10.7551/mitpress/9780262016018.003.0006.
"The Birth of Hierarchy", in Cooperation and Its Evolution, Brett Calcott, Ben Fraser, Richard Joyce and Kim Sterelny (eds.), chapter 5, March 2013, MitCognet.
Article in the press
"Le trader arrosé", Le Monde.
"L’hormone du trader", Le Monde.
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