5th IAST Political Economy/Political Science conference

March 26–27, 2018

Toulouse, France

Room MS 001

The conference will focus on how the interplay between social identities and political organization shapes politics and policies.

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List of Speakers

Carles Boix, Princeton & IPERG Barcelona (Abstract_paper)
Simon Chauchard, Dartmouth (Abstract_paper)
Elias Dinas, EUI & Oxford (Abstract_paper)
Jenn Larson, NYU (Abstract_paper)
Yotam Margalit, Tel Aviv University (Abstract_paper)
Cecilia Mo, UC Berkeley (Abstract_paper)
Soledad Prillaman, Oxford, Nuffield College (Abstract_paper)
Amanda Robinson, Amanda Robinson, Ohio State (Abstract_paper)
Moses Shayo, HebrewU (Abstract_paper)
Michael Becher, IAST & UT1 (Abstract_paper)
Vittorio Merola, IAST (Abstract_paper)

Conference Venue

Location (Map of University Campus)


5th IAST Political Economy/Political Science conference, Toulouse, France, March 26–27, 2018, room MS 001.